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Andria Bieber Designs

Pink flower Czech glass, copper metal, bracelet, KIT

Pink flower Czech glass, copper metal, bracelet, KIT

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  1. 3-Pink rose flower Czech glass beads, 2-pink luster faceted Czech glass, melon pink beads, flower Czech glass, Czech pink glass beads.
  2. 14-copper metal flower bead caps, spacer beads, copper wire guards, crimp beads, crimp covers, and misc jump rings. 
  3. 4-Copper ball head pins ( 24 G) 
  4. Small spool of bronze wire Artistic wire brand ( 24g) 
  5. Copper hammered toggle clasp  ( Tierra cast brand) 

Step 1: Using 24 G bronze wire, wire wrap fire polish rounds. Cut about 1.5 inches of wire so you have a little bit of extra length to work with, wire wrap a loop on one end, add fire polish pink round and wire wrap closed with loop on other side. Continue this until you have 4 rounds connected and you want a set of 2 so you can connect them together with jump rings. You 4 rounds to create a  beaded chain and make 2 of them.

Step 2: Cut desired length of stringing wire and add crimp, wire guard, crimp cover. Add beads in sequence separated by floral bead caps and spacer beads.

Step 3: attach jump ring to either side of bead strand and chain.

Step 4: wire wrap some included flower beads using copper ball head pins.

Step 5: Add charms in the center of bracelet jump ring, add toggle clasp to the ends. Adjust length using extra 3 mm jump rings.

And you’ve finished! Happy Creating!

kit is sent out as 8 inch bracelet in length.  Additional length requires extra beads purchased separately.
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