Gold plated jewelry care

Avoid immersing this item into water. Gold, silver or rhodium plating means applying a layer of precious metal over base metal. The elements of this necklace have been plated with EDT coating technique, which insures high quality of coating. However, plated items are not lifetime purchase, since the layer of precious metal will eventually rub away on some parts of the chain and findings.

Brass, sterling silver and gold-fill jewelry will darken over time. How long this takes depends on your own chemistry and the environment you live in. We suggest embracing the natural properties of the metals and taking some small steps to maintain the pieces.

Brass & Sterling Silver are metals that will darken over time. Exposure to water and heat will accelerate the formation of patina. This is a natural process and there is nothing wrong with the piece once it darkens, it can always be returned to the original color and shine.

Depending on your skin type, the metal can leave markings on the skin. This can vary based on hormones, humidity and temperature. Somedays your skin may darken and other days it won't. This is not a default in the piece, it is a natural process that depends on your body chemistry reacting with the metals. If skin discoloration occurs, gentle hand washing with soap and warm water will remove it. Some suggestions for slowing the process: avoid thick or oily hand creams and take off rings when applying hair products, lotions and makeup. Wash and dry hands completely before putting on rings.  A thin coating of clear nail polish on the inside of the ring will slow this process (reapply as needed). 

If you do get something harsh on your piece or the patina gets to a point that is not appealing to you, first clean the piece with a dry soft cloth to remove any excess residue. If the piece is extra dirty, use warm water, gentle dish soap and a very soft toothbrush. Rinse the piece thoroughly and then dry completely. We suggest drying the piece gently with a blow dryer to get any hard to reach places and to ensure that it is completely dry.

Do not leave jewelry submerged in water for any length of time and always dry completely. Take extra care when cleaning and polishing around stones. 

Ways Extend the Life of Your Gold Plated Jewelry

  • Wash your hands before putting on or taking off plated jewelry.
  •  Put on gold plated earrings after you’ve applied your perfume. 
  • Put on your plated jewelry after you have applied lotion or put on makeup.
  • Take off your plated rings or bracelets before cooking
  • Avoid rubbing plated bracelets and necklaces against each other.
  • Try to prevent plated rings from banging into counter tops and rubbing against car keys buried in pockets and purses.
  • Don’t swim in your plated jewelry. 
  • Don’t wear your plated jewelry when you’ll be sweating profusely. 
  • Clean your plated jewelry gently, and don’t rub it. 
  •  Store your gold plated jewelry in a pouch or soft cloth separate from other jewelry