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Beadalon Bright .0021 in / 0.53 mm, 30 ft

Beadalon Bright .0021 in / 0.53 mm, 30 ft

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Beadalon 49 Strand Stainless Steel Bead Stringing Wire, 021 in / 0.53 mm, Bright, 30 ft / 9.2 m

About this item

  • USE: Jewelry wire for stringing of all types of beads and gemstones for jewelry making necklaces, bracelets, and beading crafts. Highest quality option for jewelry designers and DIY makers.

  • MOST FLEXIBLE: Made of 49 micro-wires of .925 Sterling Silver stranded together with a protective nylon coating. Strong and durable jewelry wire with the most flexibility.

  • COLOR: Clear nylon coating over bright stainless steel wire.

  • TIPS: Use the largest diameter wire possible that will pass through the smallest bead hole in your design. Refer to the spool label for choosing the correct size crimp beads/tubes.

  • MADE IN USA. All wire is not created equal. Beadalon has manufactured wire in the USA since 1976. Beadalon is a leading brand of innovative products for Do-It-Yourself jewelry making and crafts.

Beadalon 49 strand bead stringing wire consists of 49 smaller wires stranded together and nylon coated. 49 strand wire offers maximum flexibility and drape. Compatible with crimps beads or tubes with an inner diameter of 1.3mm. #1 crimp tube/round 




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    Andria Bieber Designs

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