How to crimp


 1. Cut a length of about 12” of Beadalon beading wire. ( .024 in/ 0.61 mm 

2. Slide crimp ionto wire, add jump ring, curve wire over and then thread the beading wire back through the crimp and crimp closed. 

3. Pull the tail of the beading wire to tight, leaving enough room between the crimp bead and the jump ring/or clasp to allow to move freely but also not lose. 

4.Lay the crimp into the first notch on the crimping plier and squeeze. 

5. Use the second notch on the crimping plier, and pinch closed.

6.Sometimes the crimp needs to be tightened a bit. The very tip of the crimping plier is flat, so you can use it to gently squeeze the crimped tube until it’s tight. Be careful not to squeeze too hard, it can smash the crimp and break it open or create jagged edges. *also if you have certain shape beads you will need space between beads and crimp so bracelet will bend around your wrist.


* If you are using a wire guard, add crimp, slide through wire guard, curve over guard, slide wire back through crimp bead and pinch closed.




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