How to wire wrap hoop earrings with mandrel

Make some hoop earrings with me! With supplies from @beadalon @artisticwirebrand You will need: Artistic wire brand Mandrel set 18 gauge dead soft copper wire artistic wire brand 24 Gauge dead, soft copper wire artistic wire brand Crystal beads 6x3 mm Chain nose pliers Wire cutters Round nose pliers Nylon pliers Directions: Using a row on the round mandrel form 18 gauge copper wire around it. Hold in place with fingers and tighten, have 3 inches of wire on each side. Take chain nose, pliers, and form a band on the top wire pointing upwards. Use nylon pliers to straighten wire on each side if needed. using other hand, take left side wire and coil around the base of wire that is pointing straight up and form two loops. Use chain use pliers to pinch coils together securely. Cut off excess wire. Pinch close with chain nose pliers. Add bead to top wire, form a loop over bead and wire wrap closed. Cut off excess wire and pinch closed. take 24 Gauge Wire Loop around the top of hoop three times and start adding 3 mm crystal beads. One bead at a time with two wraps in between each. Wire wrap around entire hoop, cut off excess wire and pinch closed. Add ear wires. You created a pair of copper hoop earrings. Happy creating. 🤩