How to use Mica Powders with your jewelry

Hi everybody! Today I’m going to introduce you to Mica powder. this project requires charms that are metal. Like raw brass. You will need the following : *metal charms- raw metal *mica powder * paint brushes * Vintaj matte metal sealer and patina extender * wax paper * steal wool * gloves, if you want to have your hands stay clean ** this cleans with water! Also, do not get your charms wet, it will erase the paint.* directions : 1. clean off metal charm with steel wool. This removes oils and excess coating. Clean off & Let dry. I use steel wool and water in the sink so I can wash it off for easy, clean up and let my charms dry.  2. Prep your service with wax paper, paint brushes, mica powder & towel for cleaning 3. Put charm down on wax paper. Add small drop of glaze on wax paper. Add a very tiny amount of mica powder next to glaze on wax paper. 4. Using paint brush dip into glaze & then pick up some powder with the brush. Brush onto clean dry charm. * you can mix colors by painting separate sections of the charm. You can also dry brush for a blending effect. I used three colors on my charm and blended within the colors for a faded look.* 5. Once you have painted your charm coat in glaze sealant. Let dry. 6. Punch the bottom to create holes in the charm. 7. You’ve created earring charms! Happy creating!