How to make Super duo earrings


These hoops are made: Super Duo Czech glass beads 11/0 seed beads 15/0 seed beads 2x3 crystal or stone rondell beads ( I used 3x2 rondelle tourmaline stone) 30 mm hoops Wildfire thread/ needles/ scissors . . Step one you need 3 feet of wildfire step 2 attach thread to 30 mm hoop and start with 1 rondel, 1- 11/0 seed bead, 1 rondell. Go around the hoop with the following 1-11/0 seed bead & rondell. When you reach the end of row 1, puts needle through top 11/0 bead & pick up 1 super duo bead & slide needle through bottom and through next 11/0 seed bead. Continue around creating row 2. At the end of row to pick up an 11/0 seed bead and slide needle through top of super duo bead. Pick up a crystal and slide needle through top of Super duo bead. Connect this row with Crystal and super duo bead until you complete this row. For the last row take your needle slide it through the 3 x 2 crystal and add three 15/0 Seed beads. These will form a top over your super duo bead. Slide the needle through the crystal with three of the 15/0 beads until you finish the very top row at the end slide your needle through the top crystal, super duo bead and Down to the hoop and tie off around the very bottom stone. And you are finished. Finish with thread zap it if desired.