Create your own earrings with resin, gemstone chips, flowers and wood pendants.

All products are available at Michaels Craft store.


What you will need:

1. UV Blue moon resin

2. UV Resin craft tape

3. UV light

4.UV silicon mat

5.UV craft resin mix kit 

6.UV resin dried flowers

7. gemstone chip set ( 10 stones included) 

8. Creations Drop Wood Components by Bead Landing™

9. Blue Moon Studio™ UV Resin Craft Tweezers


  1. The first thing you need to do is have a clean work space, lay down craft paper or something you an work on and get messy. 
  2. Lay down your Blue Moon Studio™ UV Resin Craft Silicone Mat
  3. Cut enough Blue Moon Studio™ UV Resin Craft Resin Tape to cover the whole back of the wood pendant with room to spare
  4. Press the wood pendant into the tape so it is covered well. you dont want resin to seep through any spaces. 
  5. Put some resin into the frame and spread around with resin wood stick tool. Get along the edges and cover all of it thoroughly, (you dont want to put too much resin in though and make it to thick just a nice layer to cover the charm base.) 
  6. Use the UV light and cure the first coat of resin it can be tacky. 
  7. Lay your flowers in the charm and your gemstone chips. Using the Blue Moon  UV Resin Craft Tweezers helps with placement and moving the pieces to get them in the correct spot. 
  8. Once you have placed everything in the spot you want them to be in, cover it all with a coating of  UV Blue moon resin. coat it well so you dont miss a space and watch for bubbles. You want to have enough to spread over the wood  charm to coat it, fill in any air pockets and cover everything so it stays in place. 
  9. Use the UV light to cure, you want this to cure all of the way without being tacky and hard. 
  10. When they are dry add your earring findings. Ear wire, jump rings and you will need beading tools to do this. Checkout Michaels for: Piers, wire cutters, etc.