Copper Bangle Bracelet


Make a bangle and crystal bracelet with me and @cherrytreebeads and @artisticwirebrand / @beadalon Part 1 Supplies you will need: Bracelet wood mandrel from @artisticwirebrand 16 gauge dead soft copper wire from artistic wire brand 22 or 24 gauge dead soft copper wire from artistic wire brand 2x3 mm rondell crystal from @cherrytreebeads C324 chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutter, liver of sulfur for antiquing of metal patina, polishing cloth, renaissance wax for sealant. ( if so desired) Directions: 1. Measure desired length of bracelet around wrist & cut wire. For a 7 inch bracelet, cut 7 1/2 inches of wire. 2. Bend wire around wood Mandrel for rounding. 3. Round ends of wire, using round nose. Curl each facing end. 1 up and 1 down. 4. Cut 4 feet of 24 gauge wire. Begin wire wrapping on 1 of the copper forms. Make 4 loops. Add a crystal start forming a 4th loop & go around other wire bangle form. The beginning is a little hard to get them stuck together. take wire and loop under bangle make 3 loops. Add Crystal & go over the top of the next wire bangle. Create 4 loops, add Crystal start 4th loop going over the bangle & back under the other bangle. Form 4 more loops. Add Crystal. Go over the top of the other bangle. Loop 3 times. Add Crystal. Create fourth loop over the top of the wire & back under the other wire. you want to go over one side of the bangle wire, & the underside of the other bangle wire. centering the crystal bead in the middle with wire wrapping technique of both bangle wire pieces. 3. When you reach the end of the bangle add last crystal. Wire wrap 3 loops around top of bangle wire, trim off excess wire and pinch closed. 4. Optional: antique patina, use liver of sulfur, polishing cloth, & seal with R wax. They are all available @riogrande 5. And you finished your adjustable bangle bracelet!